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URBAN LEGEND: Getting Tough with the Dark Knight

*Posted July 24, 2008*

I myself, like most everyone else, except your “Batman expert” webmaster, went to see the Dark Knight last Thursday at midnight.Was it a very good to great movie?Yes.Will it be the best movie of the 2008 season and one of the better blockbusters in the past ten years? Probably.Is it the greatest movie of all-time that is deserving of IMDB’s number one ranking?Absolutely not.

Before I begin to outline some minor details that I did not like about the movie, I will join the general consensus in their praise for Heath Ledger.His portrayal of the Joker does probably represent the best villain in film history.Insanity, sickness, comedy equals chaos, and Ledger probably played the role he will be most remembered for.With all that said, there wasn’t enough of the Joker.The conflict should be between Batman and the Joker.In the Dark Knight, the Harvey Dent / Two-Face character seemed to have too big of a role, jeopardizing that exact balance of order and chaos that Batman and Joker perfect.Now if Christopher Nolan is ending the series here, which I seriously doubt, then it makes perfect sense to advance the Dent character even as far as Two-Face, but it cluttered the movie somewhat.It did not make it a bad movie, but it is far from the perfect movie.Aaron Eckhart did a commendable job in his role, but the movie would have been better if there was less of him and more of Ledger.

Some other problems I experienced were the fact that I found the death of Rachel and the “lack of death” of commissioner Gordon highly predictable.Let’s make Batman choose, a la Batman Forever.Who will survive, Dent, who we know will eventually become Two-Face or the useless woman.There is really nothing to say about Gordon, so predictable.I also thought the cell phone detection thing was too Supermanish and didn’t fit well with Batman.

I don’t want it to seem like I hated the movie, quite the opposite, I just want to simply point out why it is absurd to label this comic flick as one of the greatest of all-time or the perfect movie.Great movies stand the test of time through years and years of repeated viewings.Perhaps five years from now, I will feel differently.Heath Ledger makes the Dark Knight an outstanding movie.Other aspects such as Eckhart’s character and scenes with obvious predictability no not catapult it to legendary status just yet.As the days pass, here is hoping that The Godfather retains its throne as the number one film on IMDB. The Dark Knight - 3.5 stars out of 4.

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