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*Posted July 24, 2008*

Okay, I'm aware of the Dark Knight accidental overdose that we all have gotten, but there's enough material in the film to analyze for weeks on end. You've heard all the bits on the story and the characters and the twists, etc. But it's time to delve a little deeper into the message the movie brings. Beware, there are some SPOILERS below, but I can probably count on my two hands the number of people that visit this site regularly, and I'm pretty sure everyone of these people has seen the Dark Knight at least once by now. Regardless, I'll try not to overkill the spoilers. Now, you may have noticed a trend in the media these days. Any movie that premieres remotely carrying some sort of transcendent message about the War in Iraq or climate change, the media pounces on it. After the premiere of Wall-E, the media immediately claimed that the film is trying to send a big message about the importance of protecting the environment, as well as the dangers of the growing obesity problem in the world. And there was that one line from the "villain" in the movie asking all the remaining doughy humans to "stay the course," even though that course had them locked in a comfy chair brainwash. Anyone who has seen this probably won't argue those messages.

Similarly, other movies like 300, Lions For Lambs, and Stop-Loss have all chimed in on an agenda some would claim to be liberal. And when these movies come out, the media champions that effort. So you can bet that when the Dark Knight came out, soaked in a grand conservative jelly, the media hit it and hit it hard. One renowned newspaper went as far to say "the blatant message of conservatism is pervasive throughout the film. Either the filmmaker made a deliberate attempt to sway the public's opinions on controversial issues like individual liberties and the Iraq War, or we all are just plain seeing things. I doubt it's the latter." Ooooooo, well put whiny journalist. Whether deliberate or not, The Dark Knight certainly makes a few things clear about the politics of its characters, though not necessarily the politics of the entire film or filmmakers. So let's go down through some characters.

Bruce Wayne - If I say rich white guy, most people are going to assume he's some evil republican scrooge counting the coins his private vault. He may or may not be a registered Republican, but that's certainly the stereotype the public has portrayed. So just because Gotham's billionaire prince happens to be an ultra badass when the sun goes down, we're supposed to abandon the stereotype that has stood out for so long? Course not, you made those rules media, so now you have to live with it, even if it means that the best. superhero. ever is lost to the side of your enemies.
Oh, and for the record. Thomas Wayne? The Last King of Gotham? ALSO REPUBLICAN!

Batman - Come on everybody, this one is too easy. Once the cell phone sonar plot came into play, reflecting Batman's desire to invade everyone's privacy in the hopes of capturing one psycho, you knew his true feelings. Sure, you may think it barbaric, oppressive, and against everything a 200 year old piece of paper says, but it worked right? RIGHT? Also, like Republicans, Batman has no jurisdiction. Chinese don't extradite one of their own? Please, not if Batman has anything to do with it. Blow it out your ass, China.

Harvey Dent - This one is tricky, but if you can spot the red flags, it's an easy one to pinpoint. Praising Batman's vigilantism though it's technically against the law? Conservative. Citing the glory of Caesar as a great thing (which it was)? Conservative. Nice head of hair and a good strong chin (and left cross)? Again, very conservative. There, was it really that hard?

Rachel Dawes - Well, she countered Harvey on the Caesar debate. She flip flopped on marrying Harvey AND on being with Bruce when its all said and done. While ultra-Republican Harvey Dent was trying to wriggle free from his bounds within minutes of realizing the situation, Rachel was complacent with sitting there screaming "HEEEELLLLLLLPPPP," waiting for someone else to risk their neck in attempting her rescue. Yeah, real classy Ms. Dawes.
Verdict: dumbocrat. (and you can have her)

Slim Jim Gordon - Incorruptible? Check. Willing to feign a death that hurts a lot of people in the short run but saves the world in the long run? Check. Great mustache? You better believe it. Bonus points for having a hot wife.
Verdict: REPUBLICAN! or at least a libertarian.

Harvey Two Face - He may be crazy, cool, and funny, but he's a believer in equal opportunity for every situation. Sounds great though right? Not exactly. Lefty loonies love to live in a world where everything is equal. The reality of it isn't so rosey. Trade-offs exist, and casualties whether we like it or not are apart of that. So, if Harvey Dent was the next Reagan, why is Two-Face under the guise of the Blue Donkey all of a sudden? It's simple. The coin. Dent didn't leave things up to chance, he made his own luck. A two headed coin always delivered the outcome he knew to be the best. But when the coin gets microwaved in the bubbly flesh of an instantly deceased loved one, two heads no longer existed. Every big decision he made from then on out revolves around a split 50/50 chance. Everything becomes equal, which is something you lefty loons love to hear. But when a gun is held to the head of the Joker, the Agent of Chaos himself, he lets equal opportunity make the choice for him, and the Joker goes on with his madness. Any red-blooded American would have blown off his painted head immediately. Way to go, White Knight. Another red flag? Holding little kiddies at gunpoint.
Verdict: dumbocrat.

Lucius Fox - Along as that freedom slicing machine exists at Wayne Enterprises, you won't be? Whatever, dude.
Verdict - dumbocrat.
Alfred Pennyworth - Butlers have no opinions, they share those of their master.
Verdict - REPUBLICAN!!
The Joker - I'm not even gonna attempt this one. Everything he does is for the sake of anarchy and chaos, and he loves every minute of it.
Verdict - Probably raised a dumbocrat, driving him mental.

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