Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GOSSIP: Jolie Out of Hiding; is Most Popular

*Posted October 10, 2008*

After seeing the tabloid's front covers for the last month, I almost started to believe. Every week, Brangelina was on the cover, and the headline was that they were on the rocks and about to split. Well, Angelina has finally resurfaced, and it turns out she just needed the time to get back into shape. This week, three different magazines (Us Weekly, In Touch, and some other dumb one) have almost the same picture of her in a black dress talking about how great she looks. Big deal. In other Jolie news (I'm on Team Aniston by the way), Angelina has topped Forbes list of Most Popular Cover Girl, dethroning the 2007 champ, Aniston. They say she is the most likeable, most bankable, etc., etc. I still don't like her, but according to Forbes, you must, so you probably enjoyed this article. The top 5 for this year are Jolie, Aniston, Death Ledger, Jamie Lynn, and Nicole Ritchie (FYI: All 5 are on tabloid covers this week at Wal-Mart).

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