Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WEDDING: The Tuxedo

*Posted October 10, 2008*

In Part 4 of my ongoing wedding series (earlier parts discussed the cake, the tablecards, and the favors), I will discuss the ideal, geektastic wedding tux. Traditionally, most guys wear a classic black tux with some sort of vest/tie combo. I will also be among the group, with what will most likely be a black jacket with a white vest and white tie. But, I did try to persuade the bride to let me where A WHITE DINNER JACKET, made famous by such characters as James Bond and Indiana Jones. Dressed in a white jacket, white undershirt, black bowtie, black (or red) cumberbund, and black pants, you will own the party with your class and stlye. In fact, back on Nintendo 64 when me and the gang would play Perfect Dark, my character always was the guy in the white dinner jacket. Nevertheless, it was not to be. Join us next time when we talk about the ideal entrance song or limo or something.

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