Saturday, April 25, 2009

GOSSIP: Romo and Jessica Split!

*Originally Posted May 13, 2008*

Anyone who is a fan of celebrity news sites like TMZ can breath a sigh of relief. Tony Romeo and Jessica Simpson have, according to TMZ, broken up. We no longer have to see them doing karaoke duets in bars or hanging out in Cabo. Cowboys fans are also probably ecstatic because they think Romo's vacation with Simpson led to their playoff demise. Granted, we will still have to deal with a couple more days of fallout and what not, but this is one couple I am glad to see broken up. If only John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston followed suit...

But why the picture of TO? Because one of the funniest moments of last season was TO after their big loss saying that the media shouldn't be all over Romo for his vacationing. He eventually broke down, saying "That's my quarterback!! *sob*"

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