Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LOCAL: I Hate the Collegian

*Posted October 2, 2008*

The opinion page in my college paper is usually hilarious. These “journalism” majors love conveying some sort of half-assed, casual, humorous tone in their editorials that usually fall flat. Every day it seems like an English 15 paper that hits all the proper layout and structure points,but fails miserably in style. If you take the time to read this small article you’ll understand why I hate the liberal college media. To be clear, I’m hardly different from them. If you read the article, you’ll notice the writer is simply regurgitating things that she’s heard from left wing news outlets. Why do I know that? I actually do watch some MSNBC coverage after O’Reilly, and they were using the same crap. I also regurgitate facts that I hear from O’Reilly and Glenn Beck, but I try a little to represent both sides when I write here. Had the moron girl done the research, she would’ve known that it’s not just John McCain who has a link to Fannie Mae (Obama’s link to them is far more damaging), it’s not just the Bush administration’s failed policies (Bill Clinton’s administation put a lot of pressure on banks to give out shitty mortgages to poor people), and McCain suspending his campaign is not the only grandstanding maneuver (Obama’s decision to stay on the sidelines is as much a strategy, only worse). But this illustrates my problem with the Collegian. You have the opportunity to speak out to 40,000 kids on a daily basis, yet you allow novices to write half of a story, opinion or not. That’s why I prefer the USA Today; it allows for rebuttal. And by the way, I wrote a letter to the editor slamming every one of her points in a blaze of facts and persuasion. Needless to say, they chose to run letters about football and Palistine. Maybe it was because my last line was “To ask you to read or write the whole story is irrelevant; I expect the Collegian to print their endorsement for Obama any day now.” For those who don’t know, the Collegian supported John Kerry, which some students didn’t care for since they were the only College paper and maybe they should remain objective. I thought it was great, at least they are owning up to their left-wing bias.

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