Sunday, April 26, 2009

NEWS: Gustav Bluffs, Misses Big Easy

*Posted September 4, 2008*

After the mass exodus from the Gulf in anticipation of the hurricane, Gustav only struck a glancing blow in New Orleans. The levees held and the oil refineries are okay. Prices in gas shouldn't be spiking, and residents are returning home just in time to catch the next nasty storm that comes their way. Folks in Florida won't have to wait that long to face one of their own as a triple threat of storm systems, including category 4 Hurricane Ike, are heading for the Atlantic coast. Boo hoo.

News of the weird (brought to you by

As Denton, Texas, Pizza Patron employee Stephanie Martinez complied with a disguised robber's demand for money at closing in July, a co-worker jumped the man, knocked him down, and began beating on him. As the robber's sunglasses and wig fell off, Martinez recognized him: "Don't hit him again! That's my dad!" Police later charged Stephanie's father, mother and husband with the attempted robbery, concluding that Stephanie had been kept completely in the dark about the heist. [Dallas Morning News-Denton Record Chronicle, 7-15-08]

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