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*Posted September 4, 2008*

It is the tradition here at Top Ten that we make use of our skills as prognosticators and tell you who will succeed in the NFL this year. Allow me to present the predictions of weekly contributors Dave, Urban, and myself as well as special contributor Dr. Jay.



North - Browns (10-6) - Sorry Steeler fans, we go 9-7 and miss out this year

South - Colts (12-4) - Easy pick

East - Patriots (14-2) - Easier pick

West - Chargers (11-5) - It's their year baby.

Wild Card - Jaguars (11-5), Jets (10-6) - Favre-mania puts the Jets in the playoffs


North - Packers (10-6) - Pitiful division, someone has to win. They'll get by on D and running.

South - Buccaneers (10-6) - Same story here

East - Cowboys (11-5) - Dallas survives the toughest division in football

West - SeaFrauds (8-8) - Worst division in football. The NFC blows.

Wild Card - Eagles (10-6), Panthers (9-7) - Irrelevant picks.


AFC CHAMPIONSHIP - San Diego Chargers defeat New England Patriots

NFC CHAMPIONSHIP - Green Bay Packers defeat Dallas Cowboys

SUPER BOWL - SD Chargers defeat GB Packers and Rodgers-mania.

AFC East - New England
AFC North - Pittsburgh
AFC South - Indianapolis
AFC West - San Diego
Wildcards - Buffalo and Tennesee
AFC Champ - SD over NE
NFC East - Dallas
NFC North - Green Bay
NFC South - New Orleans
NFC West - Seattle
Wilcards - Philadelphia and Carolina
NFC Champ - Philly over NO
Super Bowl - SD over Philly

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