Friday, April 24, 2009


*Originally Posted April 21, 2008*

In case you haven't been following the polygamist ranch story, here's the main points. An anonymous caller says she's a 16 year-old (never been found) at this polygamist ranch and was forced to marry young and have sex and all that. The cops raid the place and take 416kids and later release the mothers. The mothers, all brainwashed crazies, want their kids back, and feel like they aren't endangering them by having them in this environment. They feel nothing is wrong with marrying an older man, and that nothing is wrong for several girls to marry one older man (polygamy is illegal in this country, by the way). They've all stonewalled the investigators by lying as one big group ("We were all married at 21") and are even complaining that officials came in with no warrant or paperwork and took them all at gunpoint. It's hard to argue for your rights to something like a search warrant when you flagrantly break other laws, the least of which is polygamy. Now we have 416 kids with 416 different lawyers now having them give blood samples to see who is the parent of who and if anyone was impregnated underage (aka stat. raped). Granted this is all just one big mess, but the mothers will really really drive you up the wall. They talk very s l o w l y and articulately, but you can tell they are all completely brainwashed! You just want Jack Bauer to interrogate them and get some answers. If you are brave enough, watch this interview with the plain Janes and try not to pull your hair out (no offense Robin Roberts)

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Not Ready for Prime Time: Two boys, 12 and 14, were quickly arrested in Port St. Lucie, Fla., in March when they tried to rob a woman who was working at a counter behind protective glass in an office, by picking up the convenience phone and threatening her, implying that they had a gun. The woman was in no danger because of the protective glass, but besides that, the place they had chosen for the hit was a regional office of the Port St. Lucie police department. [Port St. Lucie News, 3-13-08]

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