Friday, April 24, 2009


*Originally Posted April 21, 2008*

The Super Tuesday trilogy likely wraps up this week with the Pennsylvania primary. Once again, analysts are saying that the nomination is all on the line this Tuesday, just like the last two Super Tuesdays. And once again, we will probably wake up Wednesday with no clear winner, only less and less interest. There have been 22 debates, and all that can be said about policies has been said. We know about universal health care, raising taxes, pulling out of Iraq, poo-pooing NAFTA, etc., etc. Really all that's left is the stupid remarks and blunders we talked about last week. It's interesting to see what other skeletons can be dug up (Obama says he doesn't take money from lobbyists? Big fat lie!!) and what other publicity stunts can be thought up (Hillary downin' a boilermaker). The latest debate spent more time on character questions like Rev. Wright, Bosnia sniper, flag lapel pins, and so on. Afterwards, Obama sent his supporters out to whine on his behalf; apparently they all thought it was slanted against hoo. I guess it might seem unfair, since the debate showed that Obama fails missssssserably on character issues. Obama's small town comments are still getting lots of air time. Do I think they were elitist? Not really. Accurate? Probably. Incredibly stupid? You bet. You can't get much dumber than going to a private fundraiser in San Francisco (where corporate bigwigs are sitting around eating shrimp) and talk about the plight of jobless Pennsylvanians? And instead of just explaining once and shutting up, he keeps talking about it!!!! All of this is just hot air and hog wash since Obama supporters, who wouldn't leave him after the Rev. Wright scandal, will obviously blindly follow him to whatever end, while Obama bashers (the cool guys and gals) will likewise follow Hillary (to the dumpster) or McCain (to the White House). But regardless of that, go out, Pennsylvanians, and vote on Tuesday.

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