Sunday, April 26, 2009

NEWS: Obama Pic Twists Liberal Panties

*Posted July 17, 2008*

The latest cover of the New Yorker (left) shows a photograph of Barack Obama wearing Muslim gear and fist-bumping his militant wife Michelle while an American Flag burns in the background. Of course everyone is freaking out right now about how racist (and sexist and mean and stupid) this picture is. If Barack has such a problem with it, he shouldn't be walking around in these clothes. Maybe then no one will capture it on film. Oh wait. Ohh, it's just a drawing. Whoops, I thought it was the real deal seeing as how they nailed Barack and Michelle perfectly. I've always assumed that this is how they act while they're at home, hating America. Still, this kind of nonsense is unnecessary. To beat Obama, all McCain has to do is remind everyone that he hasn't accomplished anything with his limited (and poor) work experience, and that he's a flip-flopping liberal...and a Muslim...

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