Sunday, April 26, 2009

SPORTS:Brett Favre Won't Go Away

*Posted July 17, 2008*

It seems like only yesterday I was watching Brett Favre's tearful goodbye press conference and the reaction that soon followed. 1st and 10 was debating whether or not we would still see Favre back on the field. I also remember thinking that that would be sooooo stupid of Favre. To drag the fans and the organization through this charade of tears and speeches and say that you're done for good is retarded. If your decision wasn't 100%, why retire in the first place? If your decision was 100% but all of sudden training camp is coming up and you have the itch, maybe you should stick with your initial instinct. The greatest part of all this is that the Packers don't want Favre back as the starter. They would put his 4,000 yard 2007 season on the bench, but they won't release him. I say Brett has been nothing but a bad distraction for the organization, team (mostly Aaron Rodgers), and the fans of Green Bay. He really needs to just shut up and retire instead of pulling a Franco or a Montana.

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