Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NEWS: Today's Headlines

*Posted October 25, 2008*

Normally it's easier to find one good story to write about, but the headlines at Foxnews.com today are just staggering. Rather than delve into the stories to find out the circumstances, I'd prefer to just hit you with a barrage of shock and awe. The headlines all found today under the Latest News section contain the following:

  • Fisherman reels in dog, alive, one mile out at sea.
  • Student dies during competitive eating event.
  • Baby eats crack at party.
  • Girl drowns after school doesn't ask if she can swim.
  • Boy accidentally hangs himself with karate belt.

As much as I love Fox News, it's a shame that most of the things they consider news are crimes and tragedy. We need more stories like the Florida man who jumped off a pier to fight off a big shark that attacked his little dog (the man survived, and after surgery, the dog will be okay)

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