Tuesday, April 28, 2009

POLITICS: Better Know Obama, part i

*Posted September 18, 2008*

Hey kids, you're probably tired of reading politics, but I have one more short story for you. I feel dirty having written that piece that sort of slams McCain, and I need to make amends and even it. So our first part in this Better Know Obama series will look at the most sensitive subject in American social values: abortion. I know this topic can make people a little hot-headed, so I'll tell you right now: I'm pro-life, Obama is pro-choice, the issue is partial birth abortions. If you want to skip it, please do. I'll be as quick as possible. This is taken from a book by David Freddosso that talks about why Obama is bad news for this country. So, there is a practice of partial birth abortions where the doctors prematurely induce labor and the fetus is killed during the contractions and popped out. In some cases though, the baby will survive, but the doctors will just put him/her in a "utility closet where medical waste goes," according to a former employee. Sickening. So, there was a law written to protect these babies from neglect and subsequent death, and the only State Senator in the Illinois legislature that got on the floor and talked against this law was State Senator Barack Obama. When the vote came, he did not support it. When a federal law was written with the EXACT SAME LANGUAGE of the bill he did not support, out of the 100 United Stated Senators, 98 voted in favor of it (including libs like Hillary Clinton and ultra libs like Barbara Boxer). The other two were Pro-Life Republicans who weren't present. So, to recap: Every single federal senator (liberal and conservative) supported a bill to protect the life of a living breathing infant that survived a partial birth abortion, and for a bill with the same wording in the Illinois State Senate, Obama publicly denounced it, and subsequently voted "present" on the issue, claiming it would lead to a slippery slope to overturn Roe v. Wade. Is "radical" the right word? That's your Better Know Obama segment.

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