Tuesday, April 28, 2009

POLITICS: Debate Follow-Up

*Posted October 2, 2008*

I wrote the rest of this website before work, so it seems wise to comment on what went on in the debate. After watching clips and reading up on it, it turns out the debate was uneventful. Lots of attacks and differences, little fireworks, and nothing new learned. So how did they do?
  • Gov. Sarah Palin - No big blunders besides calling the U.S. General by the wrong name. She talked with her usual public persona; sass and style. But who cares, we know she can give a good speech, connect with common folk, and spout out most talking points that are given to her by the campaign. Still no foreign policy experience, still no economic know-how. Bottom Line: She was the reason people tuned into the debate. Nobody cares about Biden. So the fact that she didn't blow it in front of America is a good thing. Thumbs Up.
  • Sen. Joe Biden - Who cares? Biden said the same things that he said during his VP acceptance speech: McCain was wrong about Iraq, etc. etc. But the best thing he could've done tonight is NOT made headlines. There was no way he could steal the spotlight from Palin, he just needed to not be too harsh on her. Job well done. Thumbs Up.
  • Gwen Ifill - I guess she was fair, but any plain bum can put two and two together. Someone who stands to make millions from an Obama Presidency has a rooting interest.

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