Tuesday, April 28, 2009

POLITICS: VP Debate Tonight

*Posted October 2, 2008*

With Obama the clear winner of the first debate, it’s time for the undercard match of the night. I was a big supporter of Sarah Palin, but her interviews are soooooo painful to watch, that I have to concede the point that she’s basically inept. In an interview with Katie Couric, Couric asked her to name a Supreme Court decision that she was against other than Roe v. Wade, and the next 30 seconds are pure agony for any Republican. They chose not to air that part since it made her look retarded (even I can rattle of Brown v. Board and Plessy v. Ferguson (GRUBICH!!!)), but what they did air is just as bad. Her position on the bailout was simply “rattle off as many talking points and throw them at the wall. See what sticks.” No coherence. The problem is that she knows the first question because it’s the easiest answer. Just say what the campaign told you to say. But when they press with a similar question, she sticks with the exact answer from before. If pressed again, it’s the same thing. In the Presidential Debate, I’m pretty sure John McCain’s answer to the first four questions, regardless of what they were, was “We’ve got to cut spending. Obama is responsible for $950 million in pork.” Unbelievable. Joe Biden is no better. He told Katie Couric that FDR got on TV to rally the country during the Depression (he wasn’t President. There were no TVs).We have one candidate who doesn’t know the answers, and another who spouts out the wrong answers. To complete the mayhem, the moderator in the debate, Gwen Ifill, is writing a book about black men in politics to be released on inauguration day. If Obama wins, she stands to earn a shit load of money. To say the least, she has a rooting interest in the election, and her position as moderator is biased. She’ll either hammer Palin to protect her own interests, or hammer Biden to prove she’s not biased. Either way, it’s unfair and she should be removed. But who’s going to watch? If I wasn’t working tonight, I would probably watch Survivor and the Office instead of the debate.

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