Tuesday, April 28, 2009

POLITICS: Election All But Over

*Posted October 10, 2008*

Today is a bitter day for conservatives everywhere. Not too long ago we shook our heads when a boring old codger, long praised as the media's favorite Republican before he had a shot at the White House, took down Rudy, Huck, and Mitt (hero of the Winter Olympics). How could a guy who barely represents conservatives be the choice to lead the ticket? Well, it won't matter, because McCain has officially botched his campaign and his shot at the White House. With a mixture of poor decision making (not opposing the bailout), shameless political stunts (Palin), and awful luck (the economic meltdown on the eve of the election and during a Republican administration), McCain has lost the race. Obama is untouchable. The wacky fanatics that have followed him since the primaries are still with him, and it won't matter how many Jeremiah Wrights or Bill Ayers we find in his backyard. I still believe most Americans are conservatives, and any intelligent person can detect the socialist vibes coming from Obama, but John McCain was never the right guy to go up against it. Obama has successfully pegged him as Bush 3, and Mccain never had the guts to really slam the President. Now that VP nominee Palin was found guilty of ethics violations in Troopergate, it's game over for the Republicans. Way back when this match was set up, I predicted a 61-39 win for Obama, and it looks like I won't be too far off. Romney in 2012!!!!

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