Sunday, April 26, 2009


*Posted September 11, 2008*

For the first time in a while, John McCain is ahead in Daily Gallup Polls by a margin of 48-43. This is, of course, due to buzz from the RNC (the DNC is already forgotten) and VP Sarah Palin. The big news is the phony controversy from Barack's lipstick remark. Palin's highlight from her speech watched by 37 million people (Barack had 38m, McCain had 39m) is the hockey mom-pitbull-lipstick quip. At a stump speech yesterday, Barack Obama (looking exhausted, stuttering and stumbling like I've never seen before) was talking about John McCain's policies in comparison to George Bush. He said "You can put lipstick on a pig..." (cue the roaring applause from the crowd, "...but it's still a pig." The audience loved it, and why wouldn't they. Even though Obama was talking about policies, the crowd believed he was taking a shot at Palin, hence the roar. The Dems are saying it's a regular expression that a lot of politicians use (including McCain); they are right. The right is saying that it was a dig at Palin; they are right. Obama's a smart guy and must know that that kind of remark would rattle the hornet's nest, but he used it in a clever way to say he was talking about policies. Nonetheless, the Dems still responding to Sarah Palin instead of John McCain, and that's not good. Joe Biden has been irrelevant (although he popped up long enough to say that Hillary Clinton "might have been the better choice" as VP). Imagine, if Obama picks Hillary as his mate, he clinches the election. Instead, he took boring Biden, and Palin unites the GOPpers. Amazing turnaround.

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