Sunday, April 26, 2009

SPORTS: Week 1 in Review

*Posted September 11, 2008*

I have to get a couple of lame cliches out of the way real quick. One: One week means nothing in a sixteen week season. Two: Anything can happen in sports. Okay, that's over with, but both need to be kept in mind after watching the first week of football.
  • The death of Tom Brady's knee - WHAT A BLESSING!!! Oh my God, I have seriously prayed for this day on sooooooo many different occasions. I really don't care that his knee imploded, I am genuinely overjoyed, and I don't care how that makes me look. Tom Brady has made a career out of embarassing the Steelers, and now he is out of the way. The Steelers now have a legit shot to win the conference. And if any Boston fans want to say "Even if you win, you're not the best. You couldn't have beat us with Brady. I hope your title feels empty," laugh at them. A Super Bowl ring is a Super Bowl ring.
  • Speaking of those Steelers... - I'll admit that I underestimated their ability. I counted them out of the playoffs, but I also penciled in the Houston game as an easy win, so... I still think the Steelers will struggle, but the NE game was once a definite loss. It is now a definite win and that could be enough to make a difference in the playoff picture, especially with...
  • The Heavyweights Fall - Indianapolis blows a home-opener to the Bears? Jacksonville stumbles against Tennessee? The Chargers are off to another slow start? Wow. Gamblers must be losing their mind. Could the power be shifting in the AFC? We may finally see the Jets, Bills, or Broncos back on top.
  • I Hate the Uniform Changes - I hated the NHL when they switched to dark unis at home, and I'm hating the NFL for letting the teams choose which color to wear at home. The Cowboys have long done this (smug), but in week one the Dolphins, Patriots, and Chargers all wore their whites at home (the Fish and Bolts lose, and Brady dies....hmmm)

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