Tuesday, April 28, 2009

POLITICS: McCain Surging?

*October 30, 2008*

Less than a week away from the election, and Obama is still comfortably leading by as many as 8 percentage points, according to polls. But that number is down from 10 and continues to shrink every day. Is this too little too late for the McCain camp? I believe so. There's really not much more Obama can say or do to harm his campaign, yet people still don't get the picture. Let me correct that: MOST people don't get it. The tightening at the polls indicates that some people are finally catching on to who Obama really is. Here's a quick list of the recent things that are dogging Obama. His remarks to Joe the Plumber where he actually says "When you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody." Wow. You do know that Socialism has never worked for an economy, right Obama? It's his views on redistributing wealth that are causing people to pause. It's yet another dubious association, this time with a radical pro-Palestine former friend and colleage, that are causing people to pause. But what more can be done? Obama has weathered Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, and now this guy Khalidi. He's fought off attacks on his socialist views (redistribtion of wealth, universal healthcare, welfare reform) and on his foreign policy views (meeting with terrorist nations without preconditions, claiming that the success of the surge is irrelevant since we should never have gone there). It seems all he has to do is go on TV, read from a script, and laugh at his kids jokes and people fall in love with him. They don't care that he pledged to fund his campaign with government money, then proceeded to break that pledge and use donations instead. And what's he doing with your donations? Building extravagant sets with Greek columns for his coronation. In the past couple weeks, I haven't heard McCain changing his tune much. He continues to promote his underdog status, and urges people to fight on and never give up, but I really believe that people are just finally figuring out what kind of person Obama is, and what kind of President he would be, and that is why they are backing off. Go McCain.

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