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TV: Running Diary - The Office

*Posted October 30, 2008*

I was really looking forward to the Office this week, and so I decided to do something that I had not done since midway through LOST last year. I'll try to add a little bit of filler since it's only half hour show, but let's get to it.

9:00 - Showtime

OFFICE HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!! Can anything top Dwight as Emperor Palpatine? We have:

Kelly as Carrie Bradshaw - meh. -1

Ryan as Gord Gecko (who?); looks more like Bill Lumbergh. -1

Creed and Kevin as The Joker. Hilarious, but with all the predictions of people going as the Joker, would people still do it? None of the trick-or-treaters at my door today were the Joker. Still a good joke, but what are the odds that Kevin and Creed do the makeup that well. A poorly done Joker would've been funnier. +2

Andy as a Cat--make that kitten. Dumb. -2

Pam as Charlie Chaplin -Soooo lame. -3

Jim as nobody, yet again. -5

And Dwight - Hah! Also the Joker. It's just that kind of year, folks. +4

9:01 - That's it? We don't get to see what Michael dressed as? Booo. -1

9:02 - Holly gets transferred after CFO catches them smooching last week, return of Toby maybe? I'm interested. +1

9:03 - An excellent prank. Dwight is sporting Cornell gear to piss of Andy. "Take that sweatshirt off!" Andy says in a playful/fake angry (but is really angry, and really funny) way. +6

9:05 - Poor Darryl, road trips with Holly and Michael must be unbearable. I abhor Rascal Flatts. -3

9:06 - This may be better than any prank that Jim has pulled on Dwight (the Cornell prank, not Pam's sister-in-law prank) +2

9:09 - Every time I see Jim, I think of the Phillies winning the World Series and I want to punch him in the face. -1

9:10 - "Are you Crying?" "No." "Allergies?" "No." "Did Darryl touch you?" I love it! +3

First Intermission Thoughts: The extent to which 30 Rock is selling out is amazing. Tina Fey wasn't above shamelessly plugging the show's day and timeslot during her Emmy speech, but now we get commercials with sub-secondary characters plugging 30 Rock.

Bonus coverage: My musings with Dr. Jay during the commercial (we were supposed to discuss the episode).

robertthebruce89 (9:10:05 PM):first intermission thoughts
robertthebruce89 (9:10:09 PM):and/or predictions
SteelcityJ (9:10:20 PM): this is hollys swan song
robertthebruce89 (9:10:30 PM):im hating 30 rock more and more
SteelcityJ (9:10:41 PM): and lucas is gonna get screwed over by peyton's ex
SteelcityJ (9:10:55 PM): also, nobody likes slam ball
SteelcityJ (9:11:00 PM): and i mean nobody
robertthebruce89 (9:12:00 PM):i agree. slamball is very stupid
SteelcityJ (9:12:04 PM): prediction pens 4 coyotes 2
robertthebruce89 (9:12:08 PM):and its peytons fault for not asking who the producer was
robertthebruce89 (9:12:23 PM):if anyone i knew was maybe getting a movie made, i would want to know the producer so i could imdb him
SteelcityJ (9:12:48 PM): i bet nobody asked that about diablo cody
robertthebruce89 (9:12:49 PM):also, an FYI, the imdb board HATE the new lucas
SteelcityJ (9:12:53 PM): and boom, shear genius
robertthebruce89 (9:12:55 PM):they miss the days of brooke and lucas
SteelcityJ (9:13:04 PM): why is lucas new
robertthebruce89 (9:13:14 PM):not exactly new, just the grown up version
SteelcityJ (9:16:14 PM): i wish roy would beat all their asses

9:13 - Holly is having a hard time believing her and Michael could survive a long distance relationship. Here it comes. Breakup time. +3

9:14 - Creed: "It's pronounced Colonel, and it's the highest rank in the military."

Andy:"It's pronounced CORNELL and it's the highest rank in the Ivy League!!!"

Poor Andy, he may be visiting anger management again soon. And why isn't Angela stepping in? +6

9:15 - I think Jim's brother was in Firefly and he died when blood came out of his ears, nose, and eyes. I may suffer a similar fate if I keep watching Jim and Pam scenes. -6

9:16 - Dwight wants to know which a cappella group to join at Cornell, the Harmoniacs or Do-Re-Migos. Fantastic. For those who don't know, Andy sang in Here Comes Treble. +5

Second Intermission Thoughts: I kind of wish that the whole episode revolved around Halloween. I prefer episodes that revolve around the entire cast instead of splitting them into a Jim/Pam/NY, Michael/Holly/NH, and everyone else at the office story line. There's just not enough time to give each storyline it's fair due. Dr. Jay and I tediously discuss fantasy football during this break; I'll spare you the details.

9:21 - Back again, and it's Cornell interview time. Dane Cook, Jack Bauer, and Eli Whitney are Dwight's role models. Yikes. -3

9:24 - Episode is wrapping up, and not a moment too soon. Jim and Pam's dinner was a waste. Michael and Holly's breakup should have been more. They were teasing before the season that maybe Michael has found the one? Too bad they can her after 4 episodes. -6

9:28 - After a great opener, the episode tanks and we learn nothing useful. -10

Afterlaugh - Andy mimicks Dwight by dressing as a beet farmer. At least it ends on a good note. "Hmmph...Cornell." Jay says they are poorly recycling the Jim/Dwight impersonation prank. +1

Arbitrary score: -9. The episode was a stinker.

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