Sunday, April 26, 2009

POLITICS: Obama, Clintons and Biden lead the DNC

*Posted August 28, 2008*

Hopefully you haven't been checking out any of the major channels this past week, but if you did, you no doubt saw the extravagant celebration of Democrats patting themselves on the back. It's hard enough holding back the vomit when Nancy Pelosi is onscreen, but combine her with Dave Matthews, Michelle Obama, Sheryl Crow, Hillary Clinton, Gay Melissa Ethridge, Bill Clinton, Jennifer Thudson, and US celeb Barack Obama and what you have is an anorexic's wet dream. Hillary's speech got rave reviews even though she used it as a springboard for maybe a future run at the White House. While that was strategically smart, her outfits were not; bright orange for her speech, and baby blue for Bill's, think Dumb and Dumber but with pantsuits. Dick Morris (the former Clinton strategist) said that back in the day someone told the then First Lady to stick to earthy tones and she threw a hissy fit at them. The big story this week, other than the Clintons stealing thunder, is Joe Biden being named the VP candidate. I caught his speech Wednesday night, and I must say I am a little worried for the GOPpers. Biden is a likeable old grandfather (and a Catholic!) that speaks well and has ties to PA. He seems like a very capable opponent for McCain and whoever he chooses, but Biden was also a pretty big opponent of Barack during the primaries. They often clashed on issues like having sit-down talks with terrorist nations, and Biden was accused of racism when he referred to Obama as "articulate" and "clean." Tonight Obama will give his big acceptance speech, but he's already being met with some curious critcism. Ed Rendell, the heavy PA Gov. and heavy Clinton supporter, says that Obama's best chance at winning PA and other blue-collar states is to stay "relatable." Yet, why stage your speech at Invesco Field, coming out below Greek columns (remember, he was already referred to as "the Chosen One")? There's another gaffe in his choice of venue. Dick "the Penguin" Morris says the best acceptance speech he's ever heard was from dull, old Al Gore in 2000 because he treated it like a State of the Union address, not a pep rally. Obama is known for big pep rallies and corny chorus chants of "Yes we can," so will he give in to his urge to pander to the crowd? Probably not. For most of the week, the Dems have hit the notes that the press says they should hit, so expect B. Hussein's speech to be more steak, less sizzle this time around.

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