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POLITICS: McCain VP Announcement Tomorrow

*Posted August 28, 2008*

As a way of raining on the Dems parade, McCain hopes to stop his drop in the polls with his Vice Presidential announcement tomorrow at a rally in Ohio. With all the excitement about Obama's campagin recently, McCain really needs a big boost so he's not seen as the crotchety old windbag like in this TIME interview. Obama, the eloquent, young socialist who's weak on foreign policy, snared a straight-talking, veteran candidate in Biden who's strong on foreign policy and more than relatable to the working class. Biden also helps Obama in the battleground state of PA because of his Scranton roots. So what sucks about McCain that needs fixing? To me, I feel like I have no idea who McCain is. You all kept saying he was a maverick and a blunt speaker, but every speech he gives is about the same talking points. Over the course of his campaign, he's trying to sell himself as someone who works across party lines and isn't in line with the Bushes while at the SAME TIME he tries to convince the far right that he too supports Bush and is conservative. It's a jumbled mess, so we here at Top Ten will break it down.
Strengths: Experience, Foreign policy know-how, big patriot, and the ability to snare Reagan Democrats.
Weaknesses: Clueless on the economy, not conservative enough, and he's a grumpy curmudgeon.
Mitt Romney
Strengths: Private sector experience, strong business and economic sense, and he saved the Olympics. Karl Rove loves this pick.
Weaknesses: He's a Mormom, and kind of a dick. Plus, McCain hates him.
Joe Lieberman
Strengths: McCain buddy and former liberal who can help distance the campaign comparisons to Bush.
Weaknesses: Former lib, still pro-choice (we conservatives hate that), sooo boooorring, and he's failed once in a VP bid.
Tom Ridge
Strengths: Former PA Gov. (and 1st Sec. of Homeland Security) would give Biden a fight for this state (the oldies love Ridge).
Weaknesses: Another oldie. Hasn't been relevant in that past few years.
Tim Pawlenty
Strengths: Governor of a swing state (Minnesota). This young conservative supported McCain from the beginning.
Weaknesses: Short on experience, and there's not much chance McCain could take Minnesota with or without him.
VERDICT: Karl Rove says Lieberman would be a poison pill, and Ridge is done for, so they are out. It's up to Romney and Pawlenty. Last night a guest on the news says he watches a website ( where people invest (gamble) in political events. was 100% accurate in all 2006 and 2007 elections (state and federal). On that website, Mitt Romney's stock spiked up 40% in the last couple days when there was really no news about him. He went from 25 points to 60 points before coming back down to 45. Translation: People who are confident enough to put up their money probably know something we don't. On the other hand, rumors are swirling that Pawlenty has just cleared the next day and a half on his schedule, which could me a run down to Florida to accept the call. I'll side with Karl Rove and the money and give the nod to MITT ROMNEY!

**UPDATE** - Rumors are swirling that both Pawlenty and Romney have been informed that they are out of the running for VP. Alaskan darkhorse candidate, Sarah Palin, is now among the favorites, according to whisperers. At 44, she is younger than Obama, and her presence would give Hillary supporters another reason to shun Obama. But, even though she's a looker, she's only a first term Governor with little experience. still has Romney high at 69 points, and Palin low at 4 points. McCain's announcement will come later today.

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