Sunday, April 26, 2009

NEWS: Hurricane Katrina 2: the Village Isn't Dammed

*Posted August 28, 2008*

LOOTERS REJOICE! Bad news for all my readers down in the Gulf of Mexico: Hurricane Gustav is coming straight for you. This could mean another disaster for New Orleans, who obviously didn't get the message the first time around. I really don't see why the government bothered rebuilding a town that is BELOW sea level. Granted they did a horrendous job of rebuilding (overschedule and poorly done), but we really shouldn't be there in the first place. The worst part is that morons insist on living in places that are severely at risk for flooding. Your pals the Democratic Congress is also trying to pass a bill that would make hurricane insurance universal. Does that sound appealing? Would you like chipping in on the premiums so some douchebag can continue to live on the Florida coast at a cheaper price? I would sure hate that, but that's just the loony left trying to force you to pay for someone else's better life. Hurricane Gustav is on path to strike the gulf and could be a level 3 hurricane when it gets there. I wonder if the inept people of New Orleans would actually heed the evacuation warnings this time around?

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