Sunday, April 26, 2009

SPORTS: You Haven't Seen the Last of Michael Phelps

*Posted August 28, 2008*

Sorry to have more bad news for you, internet, but it's unavoidable. Michael Phelps, who's had nearly 24 hour coverage during the Beijing Olympics, has a plethora of deals waiting for him here at home. Here is where you will be seeing him in the near future:

-Presenting at the MTV Movie Awards

-Appearing in a cameo for Entourage ("Hey! Guys, this is a friend of mine, Michael Phelps." "Sup...Hey Vince, When can I see Medillin?") I promise it will be something lame like that.

-Hosting the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

-He just signed a book deal where they advanced him $1.6 million. Seriously, Michael Phelps is going to write an inspirational autobiography that will talk of his love for big breakfasts, tight speedos, constant training, and what's on his iPod (rap). And the title, you ask? BUILT TO SUCCEED.

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