Saturday, April 25, 2009

POLITICS: O'Reilly Hammers, Tests Candidates

*Originally Posted May 8, 2008*

This week Bill O'Reilly interviewed John McCain and Hillary Clinton and it was anything but a puff piece. Normally interviews with the Big 3 are about softball questions, and even if one of them is given a tough question, they usually twist around it and say what they want. O'Reilly had different plans. He challenged Hillary to be specific about her feelings on sanctuary cities and the Iraq War, and if he disagreed with her, he let her know. But he didn't attack her on stupid things like the Bosnia sniper story, and Hillary did stand her ground on the things she firmly believed in. She handled herself well, but John McCain is a different. On some issues, like the gas tax suspension, instead of addressing the feasibility of it, he just spouted on about how poor Americans deserve a break. We get it, John, and so does Bill. But McCain remained personable and humorous, unlike Hillary, when he laughed off a retarded story by retard Ariana Huffington which claimed McCain didn't vote for Bush in 2000 (he did, and also in 2004, and also campaigned for him!). Obama is still a no-show on the Factor, and it's unclear whether he will ever face the big dog.

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