Saturday, April 25, 2009

POLITICS: Supreme Court rules on Guns, Death Penalty

*Posted June 27, 2008*

Two huge Supreme Court decisions came down this week, one on the side of conservatives, the other on the side of liberals. The first is their decision to overturn the D.C. ban on hanguns. For the past 36 years, it was illegal for D.C. residents to buy and own a hangun, but a 5-4 decisions overturned it. McCain was greatly in favor of the decision, while Obama carefully crafted a response saying he's in favor of the second amendment, but local governments should also be able to regulate to protect people in the inner city slums. Last year Obama supported the ban, but this year he's taking a more attractive position to not lose voters. Brilliant. The other case, another 5-4 decision, banned the death penalty in cases of child molestation. The court believed that the punishment is too severe for people who rape children under 12 years of age. I think that there aren't many crimes more sick, more disgusting, and more heinous than child molestation, and I wouldn't have a problem with greasing all of these animals. Obama, to his credit, criticized the decision, basically saying that they shouldn't have banned this in all situations. He believes that we should reserve the right to use capital punishment in very specific situations involving child rape. This makes the Presidential race even more important because of Supreme Court appointees. One switch either way could have reversed the decisions, and that's huge. CARE ABOUT POLITICS!

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Accused triple-murderer Jeffrey Gilham earned a hung-jury verdict in April in Sydney, Australia, by relentlessly denying that he had stabbed to death his mother and father. They and Gilham's brother all died by the same knife, at about the same time, stabbed from 13 to 16 times each in the heart, by a murderer kneeling over the victims. Nevertheless, Gilham said he killed only his brother and not the parents. [Sydney Morning Herald, 3-19-08]

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