Saturday, April 25, 2009

MUSIC: Pearl Jam Rocks, Kanye Blows at Bonnaroo

*Posted June 27, 2008*

One of the more enjoyable stories from the beginning of the week involves the rock festival, Bonnaroo, in Tennessee. I hate Kanye West and his highly overhyped "Glow in the Dark" tour, and you know of Top Ten's love for PJ. So here's the story. Kanye was scheduled to go on stage around 8 o clock, but used his star power to bump his start time to 2:30ish am to take full advantage of his "Glow and the Dark" theme (lighting and pyrotechnics and all that garbage). Pearl Jam was originally scheduled to close the night, but now Kanye had that honor. Pearl Jam's set went about an hour over to please the fans and dominated the show, although the review of the event at seems a little biased. Here's some clips of the article found here. "On "1/2 Full," he pulled out my favorite Vedder trick: using his guitar as a mirror to reflect a stage spotlight out into the crowd, holding the exploding beacon above his head like He-Man's rock n' roll sword." "Everyone stayed, everyone sang, everyone responded when Ed asked them to. "Music cannot make change," he said at one point, saying it was instead the right and responsibility of each and every one of us to change our world. "Do you agree that this is the time and place for this kind of talk?" Yes. Yes we did. "

So PJ leaves at 1:15 and Kanye doesn't get on stage until 4:30 a.m. No explanation was given to the waiting fans, although he claims it was because it takes a while to set up his intricate and extravagant stage look. The fans boo like crazy, Kanye only performs for an hour, and the Glow and the Dark was wasted because the daylight was already starting to creep up in the sky during his set. Unbelieveable.

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