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*Posted August 28, 2008*

Two things probably stick out from week to week to visitors who aren't all together familiar with who we are. #2: we are pro-conservatives (and loathe the Obama family) and #1: we are pro-Pittsburgh (and , like most Americans, think Philly is a shithole.) It goes in that order too. With this being an election year, we are reminded of how annoying democrats are pretty much on a daily basis year round. For that reason, things have gotten a little political on this site content-wise, for better or worse. But that shouldn't stop us from getting back to hitting our core issue, one we're reminded of year round every year. And that is: Philly sucks. This sentiment is only highlighted at the beginning of the NFL season. The three main contributors to this website are Penn State lads. And though we've spent years at main campus, it only took the first couple months to realize that similar to State College being halfway between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the Steelers/Eagles bias was split at about 50/50. So, it didn't take long for us to lampoon all of those annoying fans who are convinced that the Eagles (and other Philly pro teams) are the greatest things alive despite having little to nothing to show for it.
There's not too much else that can be said without having to write a book on the subject. All I can say is that Super Bowl XL could not have come at a better time for me and it is still the best sports moment of my life (probably best moment overall). I'll let some figures do the talking now.
    PHILADELPHIA FAGLES: Some Overall stats through 2007
  • Regular Season: 479-524-25
  • Postseason Record: 17-17
  • All Time Record: 496-541-25 (3rd Most Losses All Time)
  • Super Bowl Record:0-2
    Some Team Stats

  • First Regular-Season Game: A 56-0 loss to the New York Giants, 10/15/33.
  • First Winning Season (thanks to Pittsburgh muscle): In 1943 the Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers merged and posted a 5-4-1 record. The one-season merger was made necessary by manpower shortages caused by World War II.
  • First Super Bowl Appearance: A 27-10 loss to the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV, 1/25/81.

  • Most Consecutive Home Games Without Victory (12)
  • Current Championship drought: 47 seasons
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