Sunday, April 26, 2009

Top 10 FOX NEWS Personalities by Urban

The only intro Fox News requires is that it’s way better than CNN and MSNBC.Fair, balanced and unafraid.

10.Bernie Goldberg - Goldberg can be often seen on the O’Reilly Factor in the segment, Weekdays with Bernie and Jane.He was a reporter for CBS for many years before coming to Fox and has since renounced his former employer for having a strong left-wing bias.He has been quoted as saying, "I consider myself to be an old-fashioned liberal. I'm a liberal the way liberals used to be when they were like John F. Kennedy and when they were like Hubert Humphrey. When they were upbeat and enthusiastic and mainstream. I am not a liberal the way liberals are today at least as exemplified by Al Franken and Michael Moore, where they're angry, nasty, closed-minded, and not mainstream, but fringe."By being center left to center right, Goldberg appeals to many viewers.His views are mainstream, not the left-wing lunacy MSNBC tries to project.

9.Brit Hume - The head of the channel, Hume is the managing editor for the entire Fox News Station and anchors Special Report with Brit Hume and the Fox All-Stars during the week.A former employee of ABC, Hume leads Fox News in a fair and balanced way.Although he is arguably center-right politically, Hume definitely walks the moderate fence.Overall, his political views are quite common with mainstream America, another reason why Fox News has become so popular.

8.Laura Ingraham - You can often see Ingraham filling in for O’Reilly on the Factor, usually Fridays when Bill decides to take a long weekend.If you have ever seen her, you know that she is not afraid to express her right-wing views.She was a former speech writer for president Ronald Reagan, who webmaster Herb proclaimed to be the greatest president of all-time, she’s a cancer survivor, and most-importantly, she is very hot.Hot conservative women are quite in-vogue today, ie, Sarah Palin.Even with all her looks, she packs a strong punch and represents an adequate replacement when Bill is off.

7.Sean Hannity - For every time Hannity is loud and annoying, he does double-time in bashing left-wing loons.He has to deal with loser Alan Colmes on his hit show Hannity and Colmes, and he totally dominates his counterpart.Hannity has an interesting life that includes dropping out of college to pursue a radio career that has turned into a successful television career.He is still enormous on radio.People complain how right-wing and radical he is, but the question I raise is why do so many people watch him?Maybe more people agree with him than one would think.

6.Charles Krauthammer - Krauthammer is the syndicated columnist that appears during the week on the Fox All Stars with Brit Hume.He is center-right politically, Jewish, all Jews are not left, a published psychiatrist, and is paralyzed.Fox does a good job in hiding his medical condition, but you can see that he only moves his head on TV and cannot move his arms very much at all.A brilliant political mind, he often criticizes Barack Obama, but does agree that the presidential candidate plays politics quite effectively.Krauthammer is usually the only columnist on Brit Hume’s show, with the rest of the panelists being political reporters.

5.Megyn Kelly - If Laura Ingraham is the Laura Dern, than Megyn Kelly is certainly the Angelina Jolie of Billy Bob girlfriends.Smokin’ hot.She anchors some lesser shows on Fox but is known for her legal expertise on segments on the Factor and On the Record.She is a former attorney and worked for big law firms in New York and Washington before leaving that profession to pursue a career at Fox News.Did I mention that she’s hot?

4.Karl Rove - The Architect.This man got the cowboy-toting governor of Texas that doesn’t speak very well elected as president of the United States to two terms.His actual position to Bush was his deputy Chief of Staff, in other words, he ran his campaign.Since resigning from his position with Bush, he has become a political contributor to Fox News.He is clearly right-wing, possibly far-right, but he does present his opinions on Fox in a fair and balanced way.Like Sean Hannity, Rove dropped out of college.His record with helping Republican candidates throughout his life, which was exemplified in his leadership in the Bush campaign, prove that he is a political genius.

3.Ann Coulter - Everybody pretty much knows Coulter for her often controversial comments against Liberals and all other losers of America.She gets bonus points on this list because myself and webmaster Herb saw her speak at PennState this past spring.Her speech / comedy routine totally destroyed all liberals who tried to cry and complain.She is also pretty hot like Laura Ingraham and Megyn Kelly.Fox News not only has cool mainstream political reporters, but they also employ some hot women.Coulter was on O’Reilly and Hannity and Colmes a lot more in years past as a political contributor.She hasn’t been on as much recently after getting in trouble for saying that Jews need to be perfected and that Christians were “perfect Jews.”She is way far-right as well as way-awesome.

2.Dick Morris - First we had Karl Rove the architect behind the Bush 2-term administration and now we have the man behind the Bill Clinton victories, Dick Morris.He is an expert on political polling and trends, and I have said that a perfect political reality show would be to take two twenty-something wanna-be politicians, have one with Karl Rove and the other with Morris and see who gets elected.In the mid-nineties Morris fell out of favor with the Clintons and resigned from his position within the administration.Whatever happened was probably pretty bad, because every chance he gets on Fox News he bashes Bill and Hillary endlessly.He contends that the Clintons would love to see McCain win and thus have Hillary run again in 4 years instead of 8.I happen to agree with him.Morris is politically moderate to center-right and currently has a best-selling book out, Fleeced, that bashes Obama endlessly.

1.Bill O’Reilly - The face on the entire network.The O’Reilly Factor is the most widely viewed cable news opinion program in the entire country.O’Reilly is moderate to center-right and a registered independent.He is cerntainly and definitely not far-right.The reason sooo many people watch his show is that he does appeal to middle-America.For the most-part, Americans agree with him.He has common sense, he’s fair, and he loves his country.What more can you ask of a political journalist or political reporter.There was an allegation he had an affair with a former Fox News employee, and the accuser was later revealed to be a fraud.Even with constant far-right-radical accusations from individuals or publications, O’Reilly keeps on plugging and the viewers keep on tuning in.In an age where MSNBC and CNN lean left, where CBS, ABC, and NBC, as well as major newspapers, are blatantly left, people watch O’Reilly for up-to-date news and fair and balanced coverage.One can say that Bill O’Reilly is the voice of America.

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