Sunday, April 26, 2009

POLITICS: Palin Faces Media Blitz

*Posted September 4, 2008*

McCain wanted to create some buzz with his VP pick, but even this kind of attention must shock him. The right wing has fallen in love with the darkhorse governor of Alaska, and of course the loony liberal media is left whining like a petulant child. "What about our VP?" "Ooooo I'll show you!" And so they've tried derailing the conservative train by reporting about anything and everything from Palin's past. Their typical talking points are as follows:

  • GRRRR!! Palin has no experience!!! - Well, she's the only one on the ticket to have been in charge of something. Obama was a fabled "community organizer," and then was elected Senator of Illinois. Don't forget that Obama only served as Senator for a little over a year before he started campaigning for President. Has he written any legislations or done anything noteworthy in his short stint as Junior Senator? Nope.
  • Wahhhh!!! Her daughter is pregnant!!! - I hate Juno and Jamie Lynn Spears, and now I hate Bristol Palin. It'll be interesting to see how they milk this story. The kids are going to get married, but I'm curious as to what they will name the child (Reagan?). Also, at least Bristol is doing something; I don't think Chelsea Clinton has done anything her entire life.
  • HUUuuhhHHH? Her son has DOWNS? Her priorities suck! - Well, liberals, you can't praise Joe Biden for being sworn in by his kid's hospital bed and continuing to serve despite being a single dad (how brave), and then slam Palin for not spending enough time with her special needs kid. The First Man will take care of little Trig.
  • Farrrrrrrt!! Her husband had a DUI!!! - Yep he did, around the same time Barry Obama was snorting coke.
  • Phlllbbbbttttt! She has a Fargo voice!!! - It beats Hillary's drunken rasp. And our girl wear's dresses and has sex with men. Nice try, Hill.
  • Verdict: It's no surprise that the media is attacking her (Have you seen the Us Weekly comparison? Just so you know, the guy that runs Us Weekly also runs Rolling Stone and is a maxed-out Obama donor). These questions and complaints aren't unfair, just stupid. How about asking important things like "Are you up for staring down Putin?" But she has already served her purpose. She has energized the conservative base. It's all on John now.

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