Sunday, April 26, 2009

SPORTS: Bolt is Fastest Man Alive

*Posted August 21, 2008*

Even though I'd rather talk about Misty May and Kerri Walsh defending their gold medal in beach volleyball, but it's hard to ignore the fastest man alive race. Jamaica's Usain Bolt was the man to beat even way back in the prelims. In the 100m qualifying heat, he blew away the field despite coasting through the last 20m. In the GOLD MEDAL RUN, he again blew away the field, pulled up for the last 15m, and STILL smoked Michael Johnson's world record. Then, in the 200m final, it wasn't even fair. You know how they all start staggered on the curve so they're even for the stretch? Well he caught up to guy next to him while still on the curve, and then proceeding to beat the field by a half a second, once again setting a new world record. The interesting thing is, what if he had as many events to compete in as Michael Phelps? What if there was a running backwards race, or a running on all fours race, or other silly disciplines that mirror the backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke? What Usain Bolt did (leaving the world's BEST SPRINTERS in the dust) is probably more impressive than Phelps' amazing show of endurance.

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