Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SPORTS: NHL Third Jerseys

*Posted September 25, 2008*

One of the best parts of the NHL is that they have, by far, the coolest uniforms of any sport (most expensive too). The NHL was also the first league to introduce third jerseys into the mix (we all remember the glorious mid-90's Pens third unis). Last year, with the new Reebok jerseys, teams were not allowed to add an extra uniform. This year, that ban has lifted and almost every team will be adding third jerseys to the mix. We already know what the Pens jersey will be (the Winter Classic baby blues). But go to this site to look at mock ups of what new jerseys will look like based on descriptions. Go to this site to see concept logos that look pretty cool. Below are the official new unis for the Canes and the Blues (I approve of both, big time).

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