Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TV: The Emmys Were Awful, But....

*Posted September 25, 2008*

Sunday night, while drafting my fantasy hockey team, I needed something on TV to keep me interesting in the 20 minutes in between my picks. While everyone else was watching the Cowboys/Packers Sunday Night game, I tuned into the Emmys to root for Ben Linus and the Office. What a blunder. I won't even go into how terrible the reality hosts were in the beginning of the show. Or how terrible they were as hosts in general. Or how bad the skits were with the oldies sticking there heads through holes in the wall. It seriously sucked. Plus, the Office and Ben Linus and Lost all, well, lost. The ONE saving grace of an otherwise worthless show was the unscripted (maybe a little scripted) bit between presenter Ricky Gervais and Steve Carell. Watch the clip below and laugh til you burst, then rejoice at the fact that both the Emmy people AND the Oscar people are interesting in Gervais as a host in the future. From his website,

"I was just meant to introduce a video then ask for my Emmy back. Luckily, it got out of hand. I could've stayed up there longer, anything is more fun than sitting in your seat watching other people thank their wives and kids.

You may have heard a rumour that I will host next year's Emmys. All that has happened is I was asked via my agent if that was something I might be interested in. That's it."

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