Tuesday, April 28, 2009

POLITICS: Debate? Isn't that what they use to catch Defish?

*Posted September 25, 2008*

Because Congress is scrambling to work out a bailout bill that pleases the Dems and GOPpers, John McCain announced that he will halt his campaign to go to work and try to solve this crisis with his fellows Senators. Obama says that he is not needed and that the debate on Friday night should go ahead as planned. As usual, both party's talking heads are praising/criticizing the other candidate for their logic. Here's how they feel about each other:

  • Dems on John McCain: What a moron. A week ago you say that the "fundamentals of the economy are strong," and now you are running off to Washington on the eve of the debate. You should be able to multitask (debate and legislate) or at least keep calm and cool. By shutting down the campaign, you are causing a panic, moron. You have no idea how to fix the economy. This is just a campaign photo op.
  • GOPs on John McCain: What a genius decision. McCain is going to ride into Washington and unite the clans. The Democratic Congress wants the bailout to include limits on CEO bonuses and other little things, but the Republicans just want a flat bailout. McCain can bring the GOP to the table and get the deal done. Now he can spend the rest of the election saying how he orchestrated the agreement that will save the economy!!! Dick Morris says that Palin was the first big break, this move by McCain is break number 2.
  • Dems on Barack Obama: Now there's a leader. Barack isn't panicking. He knows that he is available and on call if he is needed. But Obama is standing strong and going business as usual so as not to scare the American people. Plus, Obama called McCain first about issuing a joint statement about their concern for the economy. It's his idea to fix this, not McCains!!!
  • GOPs on Barack Obama: Sorry to bother you, it's not like it's your job or anything. Last I checked, you are a U.S. Senator. I guess you don't care. What great leadership skills you have. Would you want your future President to do nothing while the rest of the party is trying to fix the biggest problem in the country right now? It's your job, you should be there. Whatever. Let McCain run with the glory.
The truth? Irrelevant, since George Bush decided for both of them. They both were asked to come to the White House to hammer out this deal. Of course, I believe the McCain move was borderline genius. He's been falling in the polls solely because he's clueless on the economy. This could only help him.

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