Sunday, April 26, 2009

SPORTS: Steelers Report to Camp next Week!

*Posted July 24, 2008*

The NFL season is about to officially kick off this Monday when the Steelers report to camp at St. Vincents College. I personally am a little concerned about this season. Last week our sports guru Andy predicted 10 wins for the black and gold this year. I am not as optimistic as he is. Here's a quick rundown of our difficult schedule.
vs. Houston
@ Cleveland
@ Philly
@ Jacksonville
@ Cincy
vs. Giants
@ Washington
vs. Indy
vs. San Diego
vs. Cincy
@ New England
vs. Dallas
@ Baltimore
@ Tennessee
vs. Cleveland

That schedule is loaded with obstacles, not to mention the chance that the Rooney family could lose majority ownership for the first time in forever. Tomlin admitted that it could potentially be distraction (especially since the local press and fans would go ballistic over such a sale). I think 9-7 may even be a stretch. This year we are shooting for .500. Anything below that and we'll be calling for Tomlin's head.

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