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*Originally Posted April 7, 2008*

One of the great things about LOST is that on top of the solid main cast, they also know how to get the most out of the minor characters. And since every fan is out there ranking the heavies like Ben, Locke, Jack, and Desmond, it would be nice to look back on the guys who still left a memorable impression on us with only a little chunk of screen time.Criteria: Two episodes or less.

10. Detective Big Mike Walton (as seen in Episodes 2.08 and 3.01)

With one word....."gorgeous," Big Mike sneaks into this top 10 list. He partnered with Ana-Lucia as a beat cop in LA, and later interrogated Oceanic 6 member Hurley. It's because he knew Ana-Lucia that he takes an interest in Hurley's story, but the golden moment is when he asks Hurley if he remembered Ana.

MEMORABLE QUOTE: Big Mike Walton: Her name was Ana-Lucia Cortez, she was my partner before I made detective. Dark hair, gorgeous. Maybe you knew her... maybe you met her on the plane, before it took off?

9. Horace Goodspeed (as seen in Episode 3.20)

Horace recruits Roger Workman Linus to the Dharma Initiative (probably out of pity after seeing Roger's wife die). Goodspeed exemplifies what the Initiative was meant to be; a bunch of laid back hippies researching and experimenting with the Island. Sadly, this mathematician was at the Barracks at the time of the purge and died on a bench. Out of respect, Ben shuts his eyes, something that he did to no one else.

ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Mikhail's not dead, Jacob asks Locke for "help."

8. Kevin (Kate's Ex-Husband) (as seen in Episode 3.6)

This pick is a bit of a homer because I am partial to Capt. Mal Reynolds, but Kevin, a Miami cop, is also important to the story. He almost got Kate to settle down and actually married her. The sad thing is that we know it's not going to work out, which is too bad for a nice guy like Kevin. Even though she loved him and his mother, a pregnancy scare causes her to drug him, confess, and leave.

ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Kate and Sawyer exchange STDs in the cage, no one at home cares.

7. David Reyes (as seen in Episode 3.10)

Hurley and his pop had a pretty normal relationship (fathers and sons working on a car in the garage is normal, right?) until David runs out on him and his mom. But before he leaves, he tells a skinny Hugo to live a little bit and gives him a candy bar even though his mom would protest. David Reyes earns points mostly because it's Cheech with a goofy wig.

QUOTE: David Reyes: [Waking Hugo up] What's with the earphones?
Hurley: They're for the noise.
David Reyes: Well, your mother's a very passionate woman.
Hurley: That is... disgusting.

6. Matthew Abaddon (as seen in Episodes 4.01 and 4.02)

Apparently, the creepy Abaddon works for Charles Widmore and recruited Naomi who recruited the four Freighties. It really doesn't matter what he did in that second episode of season 4. His talk with Hurley at the end of the premiere left enough of an impression not only on the episode, but on the whole story of the season. He loses points for looking like the loser Bea Klugh's long lost brother, but he saves it with this question...

MEMORABLE QUOTE: "Are they still alive?"

5. Ray Mullen (as seen in Episode 1.03)

Ray had a helluva mortgage and reported Kate to the cops for the $23,000 reward. He's a cool one-armed Australian farmer that has a hard time looking after his farm, which is why he takes in "Annie" in the first place. Even though he is a kind old man, his story shows the extent that Kate is willing to go to in order to escape. With the marshal alongside their truck, she grabs the wheel, flips them off the road, and gets away. Hmmm, this is the second guy on this list that she screwed over. (She also got Tom killed, but that was more funny than anything).

ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Hurley: Was it a dinosaur? Jack: It wasn't a dinosaur. Hurley: You say you didn't see it. Jack: I didn't. Hurley: So how do you know it wasn't a dinosaur? Jack: Because dinosaurs are extinct. Hurley: Oh, yeah.

4. ESSAM (as seen in Episode 1.21)

Essam is a depressed Iraqi/former roommate of Sayid who is now caught up with a terrorist cell in Australia. Big deal. Because his former love was killed, Essam accepts a mission to blow himself up with lots of innocents. He even convinces Sayid to participate, until Sayid reveals he's working with the U.S. government so that he can see his long lost love. I have to say, I don't usually sympathize with terrorists, but Essam and Tommy Lee Jones in Under Seige are probably the only two exceptions. Anyway, Essam is crushed by Sayid's betrayal and shoots himself.

FUN FACT: This guy also played Yusuf Auda on 24: Day 2 as an agent who, this time, helped the government in their ifight against Islamic terrorists. He is attacked by a group of racists, and unfortunately suffers a sad death in the arms of Jack Bauer.

3. Captain Gault (as seen in Episodes 4.07 and 4.08)

Before we even met the Captain, we were told in a note that we should not trust him. However, when we see Captain Gault, he gives up lots and lots plot information about the fake wreckage, Ben Linus, and Charles Widmore. But, to make him even cooler, he fights with his crew when they try to leave, and he doesn't really care when Regina (some moron broad) ties herself up and jumps overboard. Badass.

WHEN WE SEE HIM NEXT: How will he react to the news of Michael as the saboteur?

2. Jin's Dad (as seen in Episodes 1.17 and 3.18)

Here's what we know about Jin's dad. Jin is ashamed that his pop is a poor fisherman and tells Sun that his father is dead. Later, he visits his dad and talks with him about his marraige and his work with Mr. Paik. Jin apologizes, and his awesome dad instantly forgives him. In season 3, we see Sun visit him to find out why Jin says he's dead. He tells her that it's ok that he is ashamed, and truth be told, he's not even entirely sure that he is his natural father, but we can see that still genuinely cares and is proud of him. LOOK AT THAT PICTURE! WHAT A GREAT FATHER!

1. KELVIN INMAN (as seen in Episodes 2.14 and 2.23)

Kelvin Inman is a former CIA spook and goes on to join the Dharma Initiative and push the button with Radzinski and Desmond. He gives us tons of answers, including the glow-in-the-dark map, the nature of the island (geologically unique electromagnetism), the failsafe, and that the sickness is a hoax (since you can safely breathe outside). Normally, I would list a cool quote if I can find one, but everything Inman says is gold! "Are you him?" "See that brown stain there? That's Radzinsky. He put a shotgun in his mouth while I was asleep. The bitch of it was I only had 108 minutes to bury the poor bastard." "What did one snowman say to the other?" "Just savin' the world." "Here's the real question, Desmundo -- do you have the courage to take your finger out of the dam and blow the whole thing up, instead?"

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