Sunday, April 26, 2009

TV: Bill O'Reilly Interviews Obama

*Posted September 11, 2008*

Bill O'Reilly interviewed McCain and Hillary Clinton during the primaries. Despite numerous requests, Barack Obama declined to be interviewed by him. I watched the Hillary sit-down, and despite hating her politics, she held her own against Papa Bear. He is an imposing interviewer and he rarely lets the other person get far into an answer before responding or asking another question. He flat out asked Hillary questions on border security and sanctuary cities, and Hill-Rod stood her ground and defended her views. With the Obama interview, which you can watch in its entirety here, Obama is used to long responses that allow him the chance to steer the answer in any direction he wants to go regardless of relevance to the intial question (McCain is equally adept at this). But O'Reilly doesn't give him long to answer and asks him flat out about things like taxes, the missile defense post in Poland, and other things that you won't find interesting. The point is, it's a great chance to see a candidate out of his comfort zone and without the roar of a crowd to aid him. If you want to hear Obama's views on his dubious associations, the war, the economy, and the environment, you really should watch the interview because I found it to be pretty cool.

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