Sunday, April 26, 2009

BOOKS: Holy Shit, Batman!

*Posted September 11, 2008*

In a deliciously evil mistake at DC, an issue of All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder made its way to print before getting rid of the expletives. Normally they ink over the words, but the letters were colored differently and you could make out the swearwords. You can see an excerpt page here and here, but I'll write the highlight exchanges below:

Directed AT Batgirl:

-Hey--you little CUNT!

-FUCK me that little CUNT stole my board!"

-FUCK you twice, DICKWAD, you let a FUCKing piece of jailbait ASS steal your wheels. Sweet piece, though.

-...little jailbait CUNT's making us look bad....

After Batgirl bangs some heads:

-Text every friend you got, SHITheads!

-Sell your poison somewhere else. This arcade belongs to the FUCKIN' Batgirl!!!!


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