Sunday, April 26, 2009

URBAN LEGEND: Obama versus Palin?

*Posted September 11, 2008*

Why has Senator John McCain suddenly leap-frogged Senator Barack Obama in most “legitimate” polls and seems poised to capture the White House in November? Both the short and long answers are Sarah Palin. McCain had a problem when he became the presumptive Republican nominee months ago. Does he attempt to move to the right to capture the strong conservative base? Or does he act himself and even move closer to the center, thus appealing to the independents. Personally, I thought Republicans would rally behind McCain anyway just for the simple fact of their extreme opposition to B. Hussein. But, I think I was wrong, Obama was ahead in the polls, and the McCain campaign seemed to be running in place.

This all changed when Palin was announced as McCain’s running-mate a day after Obama’s Athens-esque speech. McCain can be himself and Palin can capture the conservative base. The Republican ticket likely appeals to between 55-60% of likely voters. McCain made a brilliant move.

This has caused the Obama campaign and all left-wing-loons to squirm. Numerous media attacks on Sarah Palin have become front-page news and McCain is left in the background. It has almost become an election between Obama and Sarah Palin, and the left is trying to paint her in a negative way. The teenage daughter pregnancy, the husbands former DUI, and her past religious history are just icebergs in the glacial amount of stories focused on Governor Palin. Since the election is now focused on Obama and Palin, McCain and Biden are now afterthoughts. Who are these people we are electing?

Obama Palin

Ivy League Idaho State

Michelle does PR at a Chicago hospital Todd Palin is a Union steelworker

Trinity United Church “Anti-white, anti-America” Mainstream Christian Church

We need to pull out of Iraq Her son is heading to Iraq

Zero Executive Experience Mayor, Governor

Follows trends and public opinion Rebel, Maverick

Mocked Middle America Is Middle America

Michelle was never proud of America The Palins love America

So as the Obama Campaign and the rest of the left-leaning media try to tear down Sarah Palin, smart Americans can see through all the spin and lies. Her inclusion in the race has all but guaranteed the election for McCain. No more teleprompters and big speeches for Obama. As Pat Buchanan has said and one can see from the list above, Obama is one of THEM and Sarah Palin is one of US.

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