Saturday, April 25, 2009

TV: L O S T : Shape of Things to Come

*Originally Posted April 29, 2008*

As we mentioned last week, L O S T returned from its month-long break, and it hit the ground running. In one of the greatest LOST episodes of all time we get action (Assault on the Barracks, three nobodies die), humor (Team Locke playing Risk), and loads and loads of information (Sayid marries Nadia and she dies! Ben can summon Smoky! Ben can teleport?!? Widmore and Ben have a history! AHHHH!). But the highlight of the episode is Gen. Keamy putting one into Alex’s head, only to have Smokey unleashed on the squad. Seriously, the pissed-off monster storming into the barracks like a thunderous freight train is one of the highlights of the series. +10 points for Ben’s flashforward having an Indiana Jones vibe to it. +50 points for Ben promising Charles that he will kill his daughter (won’t happen, Penny rules too much). Next week is a Jack episode that is focused around….wait for it….appendicitis (meh).
ALSO: Adventure All-Star BEAR GRYLLS returns with new episodes of Man vs. Wild this week on the Discovery Channel.

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