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*Posted May 13, 2008*

After last week’s phenomenal episode, “Cabin Fever,” I thought I might as well write something about Lost. It continues to consume my utmost attention on Thursday nights and remains a mind-blowing, suspenseful, and thought-provoking drama. Easily my second favorite television show of all-time next to Seinfeld. Here are my top 3 Lost episodes of all-time.

3. Through the Looking Glass (3. 22)
As fellow contributor Dave has said many times, Lost usually does not disappoint on either season premieres or season finales. Exodus in Season 1 as well as Live Together, Die Alone in Season 2 were both outstanding, but the end of Season 3 took it one step further. A lot happens in this episode: the return of Mikhail, Locke’s vision of Walt, Locke’s return to kill Naomi, Sayid’s neck breaking awesomeness, the death of Tom, and Charlie’s memorable exit. Even with all of those great moments, the heart of the episode is Jack’s flash-forward, a surprise flash-forward that is not revealed until the final minutes. Through the Looking Glass concludes an excellent season and sets the stage for Season 4. “We have to go back, Kate. We have to go back!”

2. Man of Science, Man of Faith (2. 1)
This episode has special meaning to me because it was the first “TV/live” episode of Lost I watched. I DVDed Season 1 prior to the start of Season 2. The episode starts with what seems like someones flashback. Who is it?And then all of a sudden a blast, guns, mirrors, Jack, Locke, THE HATCH. These first few minutes of Season 2 are arguably the greatest extended scene in Lost history. We soon meet Desmond, who would become one of Lost’s better characters. In Jack’s flashback, we learn that Jack has already run into Desmond. We found out in Season 1 that this is not a normal island. We continue this thought in Season 2 and start to decipher the thought that these individuals were brought here for a reason. “See you in anotha life then, eh brotha?”

1. The Man Behind the Curtain (3. 20)
Who is this Henry Gale / Ben Linus guy?What happened to the Dharma Initiative?What is the deal with Richard Alpert? Who / what is Jacob?These answers are kind of answered in this episode. Ben was not born on the island, he was brought there. Him and his father were part of the Dharma Initiative, but he was seeing visions of his mother. He stumbles across Alpert in the jungle. So we see that Ben is chosen out of chance, he is not sought out by Alpert like Locke was. We also get a sneak peek at the Cabin. Did Jacob look like Locke?This episode is the introduction chapter that is continued with the recent “Cabin Fever” episode. Some LOSTies are character-centric people. They like Jack or Kate. I am an island-centric lost follower. What is the island?Who is the island?Ben? Alpert? Locke? Jacob?This is the episode that “begins” to answer these questions. “Did you see her?”

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