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*Posted July 17, 2008*

About a month ago, your resident sports expert released the first in a set of many power rankings for the upcoming NFL has recently come out with over/under win totals for each NFL team in 2008.Here are those over/under win totals and my personal predictions for each team.

Buffalo Bills - 7.5 - They are clearly the 2nd best team in the division.(Over, 8-8)

Miami Dolphins - 5.5 - When a win total is set this low, you usually say over just for value, but I can’t see Miami getting to 6 wins.(Under, 4-12)

New England Patriots - 12.5 - Should still easily win the division, but the defense continues to get worse.(Under, 11-5)

New York Jets - 7.5 - This is kind of a perfect number for the Jets.They may improve or they may not.(Under, 7-9)

Baltimore Ravens - 6 - They are closer to Cincinnati and Cleveland than they are given credit for.(Over, 7-9)

Cincinnati Bengals - 7.5 - Carson Palmer and a bunch of ass-holes.They are going to suck.(Under, 5-11)

Cleveland Browns - 8 - Vastly over hyped.What have they ever done?Nothing.(Under, 7-9)

Pittsburgh Steelers - 9 - Perfect number, still the class of the division and nine wins may win it.(Over, 10-6)

Houston Texans - 7.5 - Ready to finally make a move?Such a tough division.(Over, 8-8)

Indianapolis Colts - 11 - They keep getting older and now Peyton is hurt.(Under, 10-6)

Jacksonville Jaguars - 10 - Ready to make a serious move in the AFC.(Over, 11-5)

Tennessee Titans - 8 - Should be in the playoffs yet again.They are close to serious contention.(Over, 10-6)

Denver Broncos - 7.5 - It may be an important year for the Broncos.7.5 is way too low.(Over, 8-8)

Kansas City Chiefs - 6 - Probably the perfect number for the chiefs.5-11 is more likely than 7-9.(Under, 5-11)

Oakland Raiders - 6 - The Raaaayyyyydeeeers are starting to assemble some decent pieces.(Over, 7-9)

San Diego Chargers - 10.5 - This may their year in the AFC with NE and Indy taking a step back.(Over, 12-4)

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