Saturday, April 25, 2009

URBAN LEGEND: NFL Power Rankings

*Posted June 5, 2008*

After reading’s Off-Season NFL Power Rankings,

I felt the need to make some revisions.

1.San Diego Chargers - Best in the entire NFL at RB, TE, DE, CB, and a rising star at QB.It could be their year.

2.New England Patriots - Defense sucks, but they still have Brady and Moss.Still the class of their division.

3.Dallas Cowboys - Definitely have the most talent in the NFC, but they lack true winners.Do you trust TO, Pac-Man, and Romo in big spots?

4.Jacksonville Jaguars - It is always good to be solid on the OL and DL, which the Jags are.They could be ready to pass the Colts in the AFC South.

5.Indianapolis Colts - Everybody is still there, but everybody is also getting old.I still don’t trust Peyton Manning or Tony Dungy in big games.

6.New York Giants - I doubt they will repeat, but they will still bring back a solid nucleus.Eli Manning is ready to become a star.

7.Philadelphia Eagles - I think Asante Samuel is vastly underrated.Look for a rebound year for the Eagles.

8.Tennessee Titans - Vince Young can be a little fragile, but the Titans are only a few playmakers away from contending in the AFC.

9.Pittsburgh Steelers - Not ready to return to a Super Bowl, but should still win their weakening division.

10.New Orleans Saints - Brees, Bush, and Colston are just too good to have another bad year.A weak division also helps their cause.

11.Minnesota Vikings - A great defense and a stud at RB.Perhaps only a QB away from serious contention.

12.Seattle Seahawks - Hasselbeck is one of the top 5 Qbs in the league, but everyone else keeps getting worse and worse.

13.Carolina Panthers - If Delhomme can stay healthy, the Panthers should contend for the playoffs.John Fox is a top-flight coach.

14.Cleveland Browns - A lot of off-season moves equates to an even bigger disappointment when they fail.Same old Browns, not ready to surpass the Steelers.

15.Houston Texans - They always keep improving but should still remain in the basement of the NFL’s toughest division.

16.Green Bay Packers - Over achieved last year.It is good Aaron Rodgers finally gets his chance but give him some time.Thanks Brett Favre.

17.Washington Redskins - Jason Campbell should only improve but they are looking upwards in their tough division.

18.Buffalo Bills - Should keep improving, but are not ready in the jam-packed AFC.

19.Denver Broncos - When will Mike Shanahan get on the hot seat?He has done nothing without John Elway.I should say he has done nothing without Terrell Davis.

20.Arizona Cardinals - Same old Cardinals, a lot of hype will lead to another 8-8, 7-9 season.

21.New York Jets - Maybe they should take a cue from the Pats and videotape the opposing team’s signals.They sure could use all the help they can get.

22.Detroit Lions - Jon Kitna has been a loser his entire career.Do you think that will change?

23.Baltimore Ravens - Maybe if they wore those all-black jerseys more.Advice to Joe Flacco - Troy Polamalu is a little better than Joe Blow from Hofstra.

24.St. Louis Rams - Marc Bulger, Stephen Jackson, and Torry Holt can do better than 3-13.

25.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - If John Gruden had not won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy’s players, he may have been fired long ago.

26.Chicago Bears - Aging defense and no QB.

27.Kansas City Chiefs - A solid draft no does equal playoffs.At least not this year.

28.San Francisco 49ers - Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Steve Young are not walking through that door.

29.Oakland Raiders - Darren McFadden is good, but the Raiders are still a joke.

30.Cincinnati Bengals - More arrests than wins is not good.Chad Johnson is the TO of the AFC

31.Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan does not solve all the problems.It may not even solve one.

32.Miami Dolphins - Crappy Qbs, Big Tunas, and Dancing with the Stars, O MY.

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