Sunday, April 26, 2009

URBAN LEGEND: Time to Fantasize

In a few days, the most important event of the fantasy football season will bring ten local “football experts” together for draft day.More than likely the individual draft picks will determine the ultimate champion at the end of the year.With victory, come the prizes of cash, trophies and lifelong pride. With defeat, comes ridicule and humiliation.The Hart Foundation will always be remembered as the team who had a New York Mets type collapse in 2006, and Dungy Kong will always be the Pittsburgh Pirates team that could never climb that first step out of the basement in 2007.I will try to capture the three turning points in '07 that shaped Steeler Greats.

3.Jackhammers has an excellent draft

·Round 1 - Willie Parker - Solid late first round pick

·Round 2 - Peyton Manning - Solid spot

·Round 3 - Terrell Owens - 2nd best receiver in Round 3 is good

·Round 4 - Marion Barber - Proved to be a top-flight fantasy back

·Round 6 - Randy Moss - Number One WR in Round Six, not bad

·Round 10 - Jamal Lewis - Proved to be a solid fantasy performer

·Round 13 - Tony Romo - Started more than Peyton

I don't know how Jackhammers didn’t win last year.Maybe too many Cowboys, but an excellent draft left the rest of the league looking up.

2.Carnell Lake Effect gets soooo unlucky

Jackhammers had an excellent draft, and yours truly had the exact opposite.Shaun Alexander in the first and Rudi Johnson in the second.What a blunder.At the end of the year, Alexander was the 104th fantasy performer and Johnson the 166th.I drafted them 6th and 11th.I will chalk that one up to stupidity, but the preseason favorite also had to deal with many injuries.Drew Brees was constantly nagged, Ronnie Brown, my best performer, tore his ACL, and my three starting wide receivers, Anquan Boldin, Javon Walker, and Santana Moss all missed some time during the year.A combination of bad drafting and unlucky injuries left CLE to dominate the consolation tournament instead of his usual place atop the standings.Matthew Berry says that it won’t happen again this year.

1.Tommy Guns trades away Tom Brady

Not only was I general manager for CLE, but I also was a consultant to Dungy Kong and Hoge Wild.DK never listened and HW usually did, check last years standings for proof.I advised Hoge Wild to accept the trade from Tommy Guns that involved Tom Brady.Hoge Wild reaped the benefits of over 3 touchdown passes per game, and Tommy Guns is still paralyzed at LP Field in Tennessee.The trade shifted the balance of power in the league and took Hoge Wild to the final game, too bad he choked big time.

·It is interesting that I make no mention of last year’s champion, Chinacious-D.He took a chance on Adrian Peterson, was the first to pick up Ryan Grant, and rode Big Ben all the way to the top.That's the way it’s done.

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