Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wall of Fame: Bill Cowher

BILL COWHER - inducted 1/2009 by Herb

If all goes as planned this Sunday, we all know who the February inductee will be, but right now, it's time to honor a past great. Easily the coolest coach in the league during his tenure, Bill Cowher led me and many others like me through our formative football years. Despite the changes at every other position, Bill was the only constant, there to assure us that every year we had a shot. His philosophy of coaching football was pretty simple. PHYSICAL. On both sides of the ball, if you play the game more physical than the other team, you'll win the ball game. Cowher knew how to sit on a lead and drain the clock. He knew how to draft the right players. And on the biggest stage, he knew how to win (well, half the time anyway). He's on this Wall because of Super Bowl XL, a time which I already said was the best time of my life. Even though we can knock the guy for kissing Kordell, for going 1-4 in home championship games, for phoning in his last season with team, and for picking the Cardinals to win this Super Bowl, none of that matters. Whether he goes to Canton or not is also irrelevant, because it doesn't change his history with the team. He's a Super Bowl winning coach, and even if he came back next year to coach the Cowboys, he'd still be on this wall.

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