Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wall of Fame: Sayid Jarrah

SAYID JARRAH - inducted 12/08 by Urb

I made fun of Herb for picking a fictional character a few months back, but now it appears I'm am going to have to eat my own words. This past Monday a boring night at home turned into four hours of LOST on the Sci-Fi Channel. The episode that really caught my attention was the "Glass Ballerina." It reminded me how awesome Sayid Jarrah, my favorite LOST character, is. It was a pure Sayid episode. His plan was to trap the others into coming to the dock on the otherside of the island without letting Sun and Jin know. When Sun realized what Sayid was doing, he told her his plans. It was basically capture two Others so one would make the other talk and just kill the rest. We are introduced to Sayid in Season One as a former member of the Republican Guard of Iraq during the First Gulf War. I'm not big on foreigners, but Sayid is so cool. His flashbacks show that he was a torturer, and on the island it is evident that he still knows how to get information out of people. Sayid's best moments are when he fights, almost killing "Henry Gale," his encounter with Mikhail Bakunin, and most famously, his neck breaking work in the Season Three Finale. Unfortunately, Sayid's weaker moments as a charatcer revolve around his relationships with women. Nadia sucks in flashbacks, and even though she was hot, Shannon was a loser. Jarrah is also a member of the Oceanic 6, and his flashforwards show him as a sleek assassin working for Ben. Even though the Losties were split between the Jack and Locke camps, Sayid was and is arguably the best and most able leader.

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