Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wall of Fame: Harrison Ford

HARRISON J FORD - inducted 12/08 by Herb

Like Jesus Christ, Harrison Ford is a hell of a carpenter who saves lives. Unlike Jesus, he's also a hell of an actor. For a guy best known for the eternally cool character of Indiana Jones, Ford's work is routinely mentioned among some of the best science fiction works of all time (Star Wars, Blade Runner). Speaking of Star Wars, that film should've belonged to Luke Skywalker, the main hero. But because of Han Solo's mercernary charm, Star Wars banked a lot of money and no one heard from Mark Hamill ever again. Once the highest grossing actor of all-time (I think Sam Jackson is now, but that's because of the SW prequels and the Incredibles, movies he was hardly apart of), Ford is now beginning to show his age. Outside of a so-so Indy performance, he hasn't been relevant since What Lies Beneath. And so he's never won an Oscar, but he owns the People's Choice Award for Favorite Movie Star of All Time and also A People's Sexiest Man Alive award. He owned the 80's (Indy and Star Wars) and 90's (Fugitive, Jack Ryan Movies, Air Force One), and now enjoys having a little fun in his old age (Exhibits ABCD and E) Simply put: He's the coolest actor ever (even Andy thinks so).

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