Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wall of Fame: Skip Bayless

SKIP BAYLESS-Inducted 9/2008 by Urban

The consummate professional. Skip Bayless is the only breath of fresh air on the otherwise horrific show known as First Take on ESPN2. His segment, First and Ten, pits Bayless against worthless opponents whom he dominates. He usually deals with black journalists talking about race and diversity, Jamele Hill or Rob Parker, or former athletes who are clueless, Jalen Rose and Jay Feely come to mind. He knows sports, his predictions are usually solid, and he is not afraid to stir up some controversy, in other words, he is not your normal ESPN employee. Some nicknames he uses are Kevin GarNOT, Jeff CANT, LeBRICK James, and Tony ROMEO. A lifelong sports writer, Bayless is one of ESPN’S rare employees who speaks his mind with the backbone of having a deep knowledge of sports.

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