Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wall of Fame: Ricky Gervais

RICKY GERVAIS-Inducted 9/2008 by Dave

Right now, this brit is the funniest comedian in the world. Known best for introducing David Brent and the original Office to the masses, Gervais didn't slag off a bit after the show ended. He's made another successful (and hilarious) show on HBO called Extras lampooning Hollywood and celebrities (and calling out all the idiot reality TV stars who are famous for showing minge). His three stand up specials, called Politics, Animals, and Fame are a million times funnier than anything Chris Rock will ever do, and now he's taking his spot on deadpan wit to the big screen. How does he influence us? Well, besides the three of us watching his shtick since 2004, Gervais teaches us that humor can be found in anything and nothing is out of bounds, including obesity, the Bible, child cancer, homosexual animals, and boring things like working in a mid-level paper merchant. It's not that all those things are funny by default, it's that he proves they can easily be funny given the right joke. Are you listening Dane Cook? You fucking suck.

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